About us


AMEN was born from the need to create a design piece that is capable of reflecting a perfect mix between love and art.


AMEN garments aim to express emotions, ideas and in general a particular vision of the feminine world. These are original, avant-garde designs and unique beauty, which convey empowerment, sophistication and elegance. In this way, each AMEN design fulfills an aesthetic but also a communicative purpose for women.


The AMEN collections start with a sketch that is translated into a design and finally into a garment, without neglecting any step of the production process, achieving garments with noble, quality materials and exclusive design.


Through modern and timeless garments, AMEN cares about the feelings and emotions that they generate with their use, and the message that women manage to convey to the outside world.


AMEN, a new way of interpreting fashion and style.

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