Belén Muñoz, founder AMEN

Belen Muñoz, Founder AMEN



In a constant search to develop creativity and inspired to express art through fashion, in 2017 María Belén Muñoz Gómez founded the brand AMEN.

The brand tries to interpret the aesthetic needs of women, contributing through its avant-garde designs, elegance and harmony.

The particularity of the collections lies in the quality, the details and a unique seal of AMEN. The designs are worked organically through drawing and models, to end up in a unique garment.

The empowerment of the female world has a fundamental role for AMEN because through its garments with different developments and textures, the freedom, security and sophistication of women is achieved.

We invite you to be part of this adventure, we want you to feel like a true queen.

Belén Muñoz, founder and creative director of Amen Leather.

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