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These are some of the trends that we show for the fall/winter 2021 season.

It is always a dilemma to know how we dress for fall/winter. Even more so with the changing temperatures due to global warming.

Below in AMEN, we share some of the trends that will be all the rage this 2021.

  • Knitted vests will undoubtedly be the strongest trend of the season. Plain or patterned they are the perfect complement for the special touch to any outfit.

  • The checkered print may be a trend that is repeated every winter. For this occasion, they are printed on coats and suits that are mixed with other prints such as tweed, being protagonists in all styles; either for a work look or an effortless one for your weekends.

  • If you like coats, you can occupy a montgomery. This garment will give an "unstructured" imprint to your look.

  • Tailoring is another trend that is coming back to the fore. It returns with a more cosmopolitan tone. The pants come with cuffs prioritizing food and comfort but without losing elegance. Adopt belts over jackets, an elitism trick that will help you define your silhouette.

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